Windows 7: Move To/Copy To

WindowsI just can’t stop thinking about it.

Here’s an itty-bitty partial alternative for the loss of the Move To/Copy To icons in Windows 7.

You can add items to the SendTo menu instead. Make shortcuts for your most often used folders and put them in the SendTo folder.


If you need a quicker way to navigate there, go to the Search box under the Start button and type in “shell:sendto” without the quotes.

In Windows XP, you can navigate to the SendTo folder using the same “shell:sendto” command in the Run box.

Another option for this can be found in TuneUp Utilities. Since I use it anyway there’s an option under ‘Customize Windows’ that allows me to add ‘Move To folder’ and ‘Copy to folder’ to the context menu.

Move To/Copy To, TuneUp Utilities

Now wherever I go and right-click on a file, it’s available in the menu.


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