New Monitor

Voila! my new monitor. Oops, what is wrong with this picture? Ah, another black one. Meanwhile, over at LG I’m sure someone is wondering why they got my other one back because there’s nothing wrong with it.

In a word, this is what makes me nervous about computer techs. He didn’t do any trouble-shooting at all, just sent me a new monitor. I thought that was very odd at the time and said, “Maybe it’s the graphics card?” He didn’t seem interested in anything except sending me a new monitor so, being tired as I was, I thought Oooookeedoke.

Today I got my exercise by driving downtown and picking up a large box. Good thing I’ve had lots of extra sleep the past week because the next thing I had to do was call Dell Tech Support and that is at the top of my list of computer-related-things-I-do-not-like-to-do.

After spending 15 minutes identifying myself and explaining the problem I was transferred to Dell Tech Support in Canada. Well, where the heck was I to start with? The phone number I got transferred to is the exact same one that’s on my phone on speed-dial. Then I got to spend another 15 minutes identifying myself all over again – computer type, service tag, express service code, my name, my address, my phone number, my postal code, my email address, what I ate for breakfast and the names of my great-grandchildren. Then I got to explain the problem all over again.

(It’s now gotten fairly close to supper time and I’m hungry.) Then I got to unplug one cable, plug in the other one, unplug the cable from the other monitor and plug in the cable from the first monitor and every other variable of cable switching until we had thoroughly proved that it was not a defective cable. It was already obvious it was not the monitor.

Do you know how long it takes to diagnose a defective graphics card? About one minute. Just uninstall and reinstall the driver. That’s what I learned today.

My day is shot but the upside is that apparently (although I have no recollection of it) I purchased the type of warranty where, when necessary, a Dell-certified computer technician (who already knows my name, my number, my address, my postal code and my problem) comes to my house bearing new computer parts and installs them for me. I don’t have to pack up an entire desktop computer into the 6 boxes it came in and haul it out to the trunk of my car and take it anywhere. There is a Santa Claus.

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