Organizing Bookmarks: Firefox or Internet Explorer

OK, so admittedly this is not rocket science but, honest, I’ve just never taken a serious interest in bookmarks. I only twigged onto this two days ago.

In Firefox, there’s a toolbar called the Bookmarks Toolbar for organizing bookmarks. It’s an extra horizontal space for putting whatever you want.  I can fit about 10 most-often visited sites there, and the rest fall into a vertical space that requires an extra click to access.  And then, if I keep dumping things in there, the column goes off the end of the page and the bookmarks might as well have gone to China.

OK, here’s the trick.  Don’t put sites in the Bookmarks Toolbar, put folders of bookmarks there.

This is the most fun thing I’ve done in weeks.  I went into my train-wreck of a bookmarks list and sorted it into folders.

Bookmarks Toolbar, Firefox

Across the width of my screen I can probably fit 15 to 20 folders.  What this makes is a nice drop-down list under each folder and I don’t even have to go into a sidebar to see them.

Bookmarks Toolbar, Firefox

Now, depending on my interest of the moment, I can go into one folder at a time and see what’s in there without tripping over everything else.

Each folder can be sorted alphabetically by right-clicking on it and choosing Sort by Name.  Not that that necessarily helps when it comes to website names.

As you regulars know, I hate Internet Explorer so it nauseates me to even have to look at the possibilities over there.  But it does have a similar option.  After sorting all your bookmarks into folders, put all the folders in the Links folder, right-click in the empty space on your toolbar and check Links.

Links Folder, Internet Explorer

A similar thing happens as in Firefox bookmarks:

Links Folder, Internet Explorer


Now, of course, if you’re going to go through the trouble of collecting and organizing bookmarks, you might as well back them up.  That’s done in Firefox through Show All Bookmarks/Import and Backup and in Internet Explorer under File/Import and Export. They all go into a nice tidy list as an HTML file that can be imported back into your browser or a different browser if you need to do that.

2 thoughts on “Organizing Bookmarks: Firefox or Internet Explorer

  1. Wendy Lavender

    The simplest solutions are there before us but we don’t see ’em until some other bright spark points it out.
    Have rearranged my increasing links bar mess.
    tah muchly


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