Page Search: Internet Explorer & Firefox

This is another one of those very simple things that I only noticed when I was desperate. If you’re needing to search web pages or, say, verify a long list of names against one of those online family charts that scrolls on forever, this is a very handy thing to use.

In your browser menu is an option to search a web page.

Page Search

Internet Explorer brings up a search box where you’ll have to type in the entire word or phrase you’re looking for before it begins searching.

Page Search

Page Search in Internet Explorer

Firefox puts a search bar along the bottom of your screen and will turn the search box red when you type the first non-existent letter.

Page Search

Page Search in Firefox

And a green highlight when it finds the first word to match.

Page Search

If you’re only looking for one word either browser will work. If you have lots of words to look for, Firefox will suit this job better by far.

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