PDF Printing

PDF printing will save you a lot of bother. The first time I had to refill an ink cartridge I realized two things: one, ink cartridges don’t last very long and two, printing could get expensive.

Since then I’ve tried to minimize my printed-paper output.  These days I’m down to about 3 pages a month.  I don’t print photos because they can be sent by email.  I don’t make Christmas cards with them and I don’t plaster them on my walls, so what do I need to print them for?  But, that’s just me.  Unless I’m sending a letter by snail-mail (rarely) what’s there to print?

Well, I no longer receive bank statements through the Post.  That way I don’t have to worry about someone stealing them out of my mailbox.  I get them online instead and like to print them for my records.  There’s also my online telephone bill, web pages I want to keep, sheets of photos in a variety of sizes for my family history projects, email …

Some programs have PDF printers built into them, Legacy for instance, or the larger word processors but, if they don’t, how do I do this without paper? It’s easy and it’s free. PDF Creator.

It installs as alternate print-driver, and shows up right alongside your paper-printer in the print box.  In other words, when you click Print from any location, or Ctrl+P, you pick the printer you want.  Normally, you wouldn’t think twice about it.  If you only have a paper printer it would go that route by default.  Now you have a choice.

PDF Printing

I’m a big fan of PDFs for several reasons. They’re compact, they’re neat, (as in “tidy”) they can be emailed easily, they’re universal and Adobe Reader has a nifty Search function.  It took me forever to see it and if you ever thought sifting through a 200 or 300 page PDF was a daunting task, be daunted no more.  Use the Search box. Even if you still have good reason for printing most things to paper, PDF Creator will surely come in handy for something.

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