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PortableAppsPortable Apps are applications that can be carried on any kind of portable device – USB key, external hard-drive, iPod, etc. requiring no installation in your operating system. Un-installing is as simple as deleting the folders they live in. These are not mini-versions of your software, they’re the real deal, just as they exist on your hard-drive.

Today I explored more portable apps. The Portable Freeware Collection. One can only hope all good software will eventually have a portable version.

A couple of my desirables are only available on U3 now and one would wonder if that’s also the wave of the future: portable apps for sale and only workable on new-fangled hardware. For now there are dozens for free and they don’t require any special versions of hardware. PortableApps is the best-of-the-best in portable OpenSource programming.

This is how a menu would appear on the desktop of any host computer:


PortableApps: Main Menu

I’ve put mine on my external hard-drive. The apps themselves will fit easily on my 1GB USB key, but my external hard-drive has all my documents, about 65 GB worth. Should I decide to go visiting and not want to carry my laptop, I can just toss my little hard-drive in my pocket and plug in over at my friend’s with all these apps, personal settings and personal documents on board. When I unplug, my work leaves no trace on their computer.

If you don’t have a laptop and travel between work and home desktops, or find yourself wishing you had your computer around a lot of times when you don’t, you’ll find this even more useful.

It’s brilliant. Have a look if you haven’t yet.

One thought on “Portable Apps

  1. Roger Lewis Post author

    Nice blog.

    If you liked Portable Apps, you might find MojoPac intriguing. I have Legacy Family Tree running on a 512MB thumb drive.

    Apps do not have to be written to run under MojoPac, unlike U3 or Ceedo.

    The biggest drawback is that it will only run if the person logged in on the host PC has administrator rights. This most likely precludes you using it on a PC at your local library or genealogical society, (unless you bring your laptop) but it is great for taking Legacy along to a friend’s or relative’s house for instance, and running it from their PC.


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