PortableAppsIf you’re not using PortableApps yet, there are more portable apps than you would believe and there are more being made all the time. I run as many as I can. You can literally carry around most of the software you need in portable versions. Occasionally I clean out my collection because I gather many more than I can use. Some of them I use daily.

If you want to be truly portable, install the PortableApps Platform in your Dropbox. Make a folder for the installation first. I named mine PA to keep the folder name short. (In particular to accommodate OpenOffice where the file-paths become unwieldy otherwise.) Now you’re automatically synced everywhere you go.

The PortableApps installation looks like this:


You can keep documents in Documents, although if you’re carrying all this around on an external hard-drive you’ll already have a backup of your documents elsewhere on the drive.

PortableApps is where all your portable apps are installed.

You can make a shortcut from StartPortableApps.exe to wherever you like to keep your shortcuts. My portable apps don’t go anywhere presently except to the laptop (converted to PDF reader and video-viewer) on the other side of my wireless office. Here are some of the programs that I have installed:

Most of these are available at the PortableApps website.

Step 1. Install the PortableApps platform in your Dropbox.

Step 2. Download & install as many portable apps as you want.

Step 3. If you decide you don’t like or don’t need something you’ve installed and want to uninstall it just go to your PortableApps folder and delete the folder.

One thought on “PortableApps

  1. ikie

    Recently you were promoting PortableApps to those that don’t currently use it. I have to agree that it is a very good program to carry with you on a mini-drive, I have been using it for a long time now. Recently I found they offered a program titled — THE GUIDE v.2.0. I installed it and found it to be perfect for me to “tree” off all of my web links into a Toolbox so that I don’t have to update between my desktop and netbook now, just this one program and life is easier.

    I also loved it when you listed the MRIN filing system taking the numbers from the Legacy program, it has made my filing life much easier for me now. (Altho I am still trying to get “all” of my files setup.)
    Keep the great tips and information coming our way.


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