Qliner Hotkeys: Custom Hotkeys Keyboard

Qliner hotkeys can take the stress out of remembering key combinations, or not having the ones you want.

The other day someone was complaining at the Legacy mailing list about how many clicks it took to back up her Legacy file since she didn’t want to use her mouse, just keyboard shortcuts.

For people who like to use keyboard shortcuts for everything, first of all you can learn all the Windows ones (assuming you’re using Windows and I know not all of you are.) The shortcuts can be found at Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows. If you spend an hour trying them all out maybe a few will stick. I did and I can’t remember any I didn’t already know.

Of course those only work for a Windows OS. Or what you can do is download Qliner. These keyboard shortcuts also only work with Windows but you have different choices.

Qliner Hotkeys

Qliner Hotkeys

Here you can make your own keyboard shortcuts.

If you want to see the keyboard you click Windows + Z, or Caps Lock (if you don’t have a Windows key) + Z to make it appear. The same to make it disappear. It’s only there for configuration and learning. If you’re all set and memorized you don’t need to look at it anymore.

If you right-click an empty space on the keyboard window it will give you 5 different keyboard layout options so you can use the one most resembling your present keyboard. You can also choose different colors. If you choose to include Keyboard Designer in your installation you can customize the design of your online keyboard to match your own exactly. Keyboard Designer Tutorial.

You can drag folders onto the keyboard as well as documents, web pages, even applications. Then you just click Windows (or Caps Lock) + key to open.

Or, you can configure keys by right-clicking a key and using the Hotkey Wizard to find what you want to put on that key.

QLiner Hotkeys

Anytime you want to change or delete or move a keyboard shortcut, just cut, copy, paste or overwrite it with the change you want.

If you’re more talented you can write scripts to do things like back up Legacy with one key. That would be someone smarter than me so if you know how to do it please come back and share it with the rest of us.

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