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In the year 2011 A.G., let it be known there really is life after Google. I have very happily left Google Reader and returned to my roots – Sage RSS Reader for Firefox. This is blog-reading in high style.

Sage RSS Reader

I like things simple and clean and that’s what I’ve got. No logging in and out. No Google Account tracking my interests and contacts. Free of buttons and tabs and options up the yin-yang. Just straight to my browser for a private and quiet cup of tea while reading what the rest of the world is up to. A single button on the Firefox navigation toolbar opens and closes the sidebar.

The sidebar is split into two parts. The top is the list of feeds. The option to “Organize Feed List” works the same as bookmarks. Alphabetizing, sorting, tagging, adding or deleting folders, etc.

Sage RSS Reader

The lower part of the sidebar shows the most recent 10 or 20 posts (depending how many that blogger has set their feed for).

Sage RSS Reader

There are 4 simple buttons above the list. Mark as Read, Mark as Unread, Mark All as Read, Mark All as Unread. Unread posts are Bold.

When I click on an item to read it, it opens in my browser window. No more going from partial feed posts to another window. No more having to go the extra click to a new window to read the Comments or leave one. Every post in Sage opens just as any web page does in its full glory including page design, sidebars, links and author profile.

Sage RSS Reader

Refresh, at the top of the Sage sidebar, will update all feeds to the latest posts. To add a new subscription, click the Search icon.

Options, Sage RSS Reader

If there’s a feed on a page, (and you know there is if you see the orange RSS icon in the address bar) it will open a small window with an ‘Add Feed’ button.

Sage Backup

To keep a backup of the database, do an occasional OPML export from the Options menu. It takes about a second. By the way, that’s how I brought it all over from Google Reader. Export, then Import.

I’m a much happier blog reader now.

5 thoughts on “Sage: RSS Reader | Alternative To Google Reader

  1. Pita

    I agree, SAGE is the most uncluttered and clean reader I have ever came across, I use it in FF 5 but really wish it will one day be available for Chrome as it is in my opinion a better browser, actually Sage is the only reason I keep FF on my machine.

  2. Ed Grigson

    I’m actually thinking of going to Google Reader, away from Sage. This is really so that my RSS feeds are ‘cloud’ based – as I move client’s quite regularly I don’t want to concern myself with keeping my list backed up and synchronised across sites etc. I might see if I can export automatically from Sage (say to Dropbox) which would achieve the same thing – I do prefer the Sage way of viewing feeds.

    1. JL Post author

      It’s dead simple to back up Sage and put it in Dropbox. Just export the OPML file under Options.

  3. Ed Grigson

    True, but that’s a ‘static’ backup. If I add another feed (at work for example) I’d have to re-export my feeds again, then re-import them on my browser at home. That’s not a good system! If I can configure Sage to read my feed list from a file located in my Dropbox folder, then that might work but I don’t think I can.

    1. JL Post author

      That’s true. I guess a cloud-based service like Google Reader would work better for you then.


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