Scrapbook Extension: Saving Websites

A letter from a reader recommending the Scrapbook extension for Firefox:

Hey there!

First let me say that I love your blog. I’m a software junkie myself, although here in the last year or so, I haven’t been as active in trying out new programs, so I’m very grateful when someone like you who has similar interests like me ( e.g., genealogy and software) talks about the programs that clutter his computer. 🙂

I got a couple of things I wonder if you would be interested in and possibly trying out. I too use Firefox and although I find the extensions more trouble than they are worth (except for a couple *really* good ones) I have come across one that has helped me greatly when searching the Internet for genealogy material. Give Scrapbook a try (or perhaps you have already?) and see what you think.

Also, have you heard of or checked out From their website: “As concerning WeRelate, a wiki is a type of web site that helps multiple users share information by allowing them to easily create and edit web pages, without needing advanced computer skills. This makes it possible for you to share your genealogical research, knowledge, and resources with the WeRelate community. With the click of a button, all registered WeRelate users can contribute in any way to any of WeRelate’s wiki pages. This way, relatives can collaborate on the same family line, keeping all information in one centralized location. ”

Think of Wikipedia for genealogy. I’m aware of a couple of other such sites, but this one has great promise. It’s a fantastic resource for researchers to really collaborate on family lines.

Thanks for listening! I just get so darn excited when I come across software that changes the way I work! 🙂


Ah, a kindred spirit … So much software, so little time …

I do have Scrapbook. As well as a Print/Print preview button, EverNote clipper, and Sage. I have never had any trouble with Firefox extensions, although I’ve never gone crazy on them either. It’s certainly possible as there are hundreds to choose from.

Scrapbook is great. In fact I have several “scrapbooks” in my digital Source Library. I haven’t used it lately so this gives me an excuse to revisit. I wouldn’t call myself a Scrapbook expert, by any means, and it has a bit of a learning curve. Not rocket-science though and I do recommend it. Every time I go to clean up my bookmarks about 20% of the websites no longer exist, and this can be disconcerting to any genealogist who might have been counting on “getting back to it.” Poof, another page of history gone.

For the uninitiated, Scrapbook is a way to save web pages or entire websites. For single pages I generally use PDF printing. At times, though, one might want to keep a larger part of a website or in fact the entire thing. There are also tools for editing and combining and organizing pages. For a little extension it has incredible depth to it. In fact, there’s a 50-page Scrapbook PDF tutorial available. Save a copy and go through it at your leisure.

Better yet, install Scrapbook first, try a page capture so you can see how it works, and if you’re interested in all the ins and outs then tackle the tutorial. There’s nothing like 50 pages to defeat a person from the outset and it’s really not necessary to do that to yourself.



Of course, Scrapbook is a Firefox extension so you’ll need to install Firefox first. I cannot stress enough my distress with Internet Explorer and, since I haven’t said this for awhile, if you’re still using it get Firefox.

I had not heard of WeRelate. I did go and watch the video and it looks great. If you are interested in online database sharing there are many options. This one is free.  Thanks for letting us know. Some people may want to go have a look.

Some of these programs are meant for sharing with the whole world, some with only your chosen ones. Be sure to choose one that suits your needs and doesn’t claim ownership or other offensive (to you) rights in the fine print.

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