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I used to use a special wire attached to my land-line for recording phone conversations. Now that Skype is my regular phone I’m interested in the possibilities for audio recording with Skype. It’s not included by default.

I’ve been warned by my mother, since forever, to NOT ask my uncle about The War.

The reason she says this is because she remembers the day he came home in 1946 and the look on his face when one of their sisters asked a crass question about killing people.

So I haven’t.

I was thinking about calling him up and discussing the possibility of a DNA test. I’ve got a brick wall I’m tired of looking at.

When I told my mother about it, she suddenly remembered about him being attached to a special operations unit in the Pacific. When the ban of silence was lifted in the 1990’s he started talking to her about it.

Fast forward another 15 years and through a string of unbelievable occurrences the Naval Base in San Diego sent him a medal for it. Not because they had his name on a list but because someone who knew him happened to be visiting the Naval Base and mentioned his connection to a particular thing and a whole room full of jaws dropped at once. She was invited to breakfast with the General and given a medal to take home to him. Only in the movies …

I, collector of the family history, am the last to hear about these things.

So, it may be, all these years later, OK to ask my uncle about The War. Maybe.

As my notes have it, he was also at Iwo Jima. Wherever it was I’m sure it all looked like … The War. All the pictures I’ve seen look the same; guns, bullets, explosions, bodies. It’s a wonder anyone made it home.

He’ll be 87 years old next week. He’s had at least one hip replacement and he’s lost most of his eyesight. As genealogists we hunger for the stories but at what human cost?

I have his Skype number. If it’s OK to ask the questions, if he’s willing to answer them and if he gives me permission to record him, the next question is how?

Inside Skype, I clicked on Tools/Apps/Get Apps.

That took me over to the App Directory at Skype (now closed) where there’s at least 4 audio recorders.

I can start with one and go through the list til I find one to be happy with. Or does anyone already have experience with Skype audio recording and a recommendation?

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