TiddlyWiki 5

TiddlyWiki version 5 is a re-work of the original. It can be used for anything (blog, journal, research…) but I’ve done a trial with bookmarks.

Instead of having pages of bookmarks on my website this is a single page containing all of them. Research.

Other people can bookmark or download them. You can even edit or reverse-engineer any of it online by clicking the pencil icon on any tiddler, although your changes won’t be saved. You can save them temporarily but as soon as you reload the page everything will return as it was.

If you want to make permanent changes you’ll have to save a wiki to your computer first.

If you want to use TiddlyWiki for any purpose of your own, here are some very basic steps for getting things set up from scratch.


(for Firefox although it works in any browser. For specifics, see TiddlyWiki.com)

To create a new tiddler

Click the + sign.

Add A New Tiddler, TiddlyWiki 5

OR make new tiddlers within existing tiddlers by using [[….]] around your text.

For instance, under International I listed the individual countries I have bookmarks for and then put them in double-square brackets.

Create New Tiddlers, TiddlyWiki 5


Any tiddler can be tagged. I tagged all countries under International with the ‘International’ tag.

Tagging, TiddlyWiki 5

Type in a name for the tag and click the add button.

Tagged tiddlers can be opened by clicking within a tiddler or from the More/Tags list.

Opening Tagged Tiddlers, TiddlyWiki 5

Format for links



In order to create hard line spaces, add 3 double quotation marks before and after your text.


Instead of this:

Without Line Space, TiddlyWiki 5

you’ll see this:

Hard Line Space, TiddlyWiki


Images can be dropped onto the wiki where they will create their own tiddlers and can then be referenced in other tiddlers using:


Remember to save changes back to your computer. You can upload the wiki to your web server and link to it from your website. Or keep it for your own use. Or share it like any other file.

Control Panel

Control Panel, TiddlyWiki 5


Change Sitetitle and SiteSubtitle.

These can also be found as their own tiddlers at the bottom of the More/Shadows list where there’s more space to add formatting.

These are just examples but this code works. Choose your font, size, and color.

@@font-family:Verdana;font-size:120%;color:#244305; ”~Genea-Links”@@

@@font-family:Verdana;font-size:150%; [[JGEN|http://www.jgen.ws/]]@@

Theme Tweaks

  • Colours
  • Settings (font family)
  • Sizes

You can play around here and see what effects you get.


Download/Save, TiddlyWiki 5

Every time you open your wiki for editing, you’ll see all the tiddlers you’ve created as well as the default GettingStarted.

Instead, you can make your menu be whatever it was the last time you saved it.

Copy and paste




which can be found under More/Shadows.

Open (from the Recent list) and close tiddlers (it’s hard to see but there are small x’s next to each one) to create the list you want to open the next time and before hitting the Save button.

For more tips (and there are many), see TiddlyWiki.com.

The Classic TiddlyWiki (used for JLiki) has many options that are not yet a part of TW5 but probably coming soon. For instance, the option to open all tiddlers at once, or all tiddlers connected to a particular tag. If the bookmarks were built on that platform I would more likely make one bookmark per tiddler.

This would work better when the tiddlers become excessively long to scroll through for editing as could happen here.

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