TiddlyWiki Crashes Firefox

FirefoxAre any Firefox users having a problem getting to JLiki? It’s crashing my browser. I can’t even get onto the main TiddlyWiki site.

It looks like a war on Tiddlies, but it could be just my computer. Can you please give it a try if you haven’t yet, and report back your insights?

21 thoughts on “TiddlyWiki Crashes Firefox

  1. JL

    I don’t know if two replies are of statistical significance; they say it takes 30 data points for that. But as things stand, my computer is coming out on the losing side. When time permits, I will disable my Firefox plugins one at a time and report back. P.S. This problem does not exist on my laptop.

    1. JL Post author

      I haven’t had time to check my plugins yet. Can you make a list of everything you’re using and email it to me, so I can cross-check and see what we have in common? It might shorten the process. Other option would be to go over to the TiddlyWiki discussion group at Google and see if anyone else is talking about it.

  2. JL

    Got it! This is what I did. I disabled all my plugins, then I re-enabled them one at a time, restarting Firefox after each one. Then I tried to open JLiki. The culprit is the Skype extension. If you use that, please try disabling it.

  3. Dirk

    No luck over here. I have the Skype extension, but deactivating it (and re-starting Firefox) doesn’t help much. Firefox doesn’t crash completely anymore, but instead reacts extremely slowly and doesn’t execute any other plugins normally anymore.

    Something must be REALLY wrong with the TiddlyWiki-Website, I’ll probably simply avoid it since I NEVER had anything similar on ANY other website…

    1. JL Post author

      I doubt that disabling Skype would cause your other plugins to [not execute normally]. I mean, it doesn’t make sense, does it? Does re-enabling Skype fix that?

      Although the discussion around the web points to Skype, it could be that there’s another culprit. Disabling Skype worked for me, so maybe you’ve got something else. Have you tried disabling all your plugins and then bringing them back one by one? If you’re not interested in TiddlyWiki sites at all that would certainly be a solution, too. But TiddlyWiki sites are not the cause. You’ll notice, TiddlyWikis work fine in Internet Explorer.

  4. Dirk

    Sorry, that wasn’t very clearly written by me. Of course disabling Skype extension doesn’t cause problems with Firefox media plugins; but disabling the Skype extension AND surfing TiddlyWikis website still leads to enormous Firefox problems (slow speed, browser frozen for seconds, errors when playing media). Much better than with the Skype extension enabled, but still not very satisfying.

    Well, TiddlyWiki came highly recommended, but I have no time to mess with a software for which the developers can’t even code a website correctly. How could I trust them with my data??? Your comment regarding Internet Explorer doesn’t hold water either – Internet Explorer is well known to display non-standard html errors, many developers even write WRONG html code to serve Internet Explorer users as this is still the most widely used browser. However, this is slowly changing and I certainly expect better than that from software developers. Buy the way, I’m surfing many many many websites everyday, NONE of them made Firefox crash even once since I switched over from Opera about a year ago – something must be really horrible with the TiddlyWiki website…

    Thank you for your help!

  5. JL

    I don’t understand why you’re taking a broad swipe at TiddlyWiki. It works fine on my computer. I can’t speak for ‘everyone’ but I haven’t heard a word about rampant problems with TiddlyWiki. It’s been around for a very long time and used by many people for a huge variety of purposes.

    Once again, I would suggest that you look at your Firefox plugins.

  6. Ian Hinton

    I’ve been using TiddlyWiki for over a year, and it’s been working fine, without a single problem – until recently. All of a sudden, I’m finding that it keeps on crashing with Firefox (I definitely will NOT use MS Explorer). I don’t know if it is because of one of Firefox’s updates, or what. In any case, I’ve just followed JL’s advice and deactivated the Skype plug-in. The result is I have not encountered a single crash any more. I’ve even tried opening several TiddlyWiki files in different TABs and still no problem. Thanks for your help, JL. I don’t know what I would do without this simple, but powerful software.

    I would also like to reply to Dirk. I agree with what JL says in defense of TiddlyWiki. Thousands of people have been using TiddlyWiki for quite a long time. It’s proved itself as a very stable tool (something MicroSoft should take a lesson from). It’s not fair to criticize this software in such a blind manner. I’m sure someone will find the root cause of this crashing problem which could be virtually anything, and come up with the solution. Although deactivating the Skype plug-in seems to be the solution for the time being, quite probably it won’t be the cause.

  7. Abraham

    Disabled recently installed Skype plugin and TiddlyWiki works again (which is really good because I use it as my lab research “notebook”).

    I’m not sure on this, but it may be that Skype tries to convert the numbers used in the dates of the tiddlers or other places to it’s number format. That would lead to the crashing perhaps?

  8. Rebecca

    Thanks for the tip about the Skype plug-in – I was going mad trying to work out why Firefox was running so slow, and my TWs kept crashing.

    Happily can confirm that all is working well now!

  9. halfduplex-jacob

    I had the same problem. Killed the Skype plugin (that I hadn’t even asked for…) and I happily browse my personal Wiki again.

    Thanks for the pointer, and let me add to your statistics!!!


  10. Nick

    I had the same problem with my TiddlyWikis, running Firefox 3.5.6 on Windows XP. Any attempt to open a local TiddlyWiki quickly used up my entire 2 GB of RAM and gave a low virtual memory error.

    The problem definitely was the Skype add-on, as disabling it stopped the browser crash and memory error. Thanks for your help!

  11. Ian Hinton

    Yesterday I contacted Skype about this problem. In less than 12 hours I received their reply:
    “This error is known by our development team and it is resolved in the next version. Unfortunately at the moment we are not able to provide you with the exact release date. Stay tuned on Skype for updates and to get the latest Skype version.”


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