TiddlyWiki: Versatile Note-Taker or Journal

Speaking of portable applications, you haven’t lived until you’ve tried TiddlyWiki. This is a fascinating thing that can turn cartwheels for you.

TiddlyWiki is a free HTML template and in its simplest form can be used as a note-taker, list-maker or personal journal.

For now, I’ve settled on journaling with it. I click ‘new journal’ from the menu and it starts a new box with the date as the title.  Then I just type away. If I want to make further entries for that date, I click ‘edit’ and carry on. And then click ‘done’.  If I want to search later through all my ramblings there’s a built-in Search box.



If you’re thinking, hey, I’ve got 6 text editors on my hard-drive that can do pretty much the same thing, this is something entirely different. There’s much more to it, and if you’re up on HTML and CSS there’s even more to it. But it’s not a requirement.

WikiWords are used for navigating between entries. A WikiWord is any word with two capital letters in a word run together, such as WikiWord or JLog. Try it in your TiddlyWiki and see what happens. It’s an easy enough concept to master and adds an interesting non-linear aspect to any writings here.  Start out with the obvious and move on if you have the ability.

If you’d like to have your own TiddlyWiki right this minute click on the TiddlyWiki homepage and download.

I like to hide my journal writing, so I use AxCrypt to do that. It’s a basic, simple-to-use and free encrypt/decrypt utility that installs in the right-click menu. If you need it, it’s immediately accessible.  If you don’t, you won’t even know it’s there.

Also, try this – JLiki: creating your own genealogy wiki using a single TiddlyWiki file

8 thoughts on “TiddlyWiki: Versatile Note-Taker or Journal

  1. JL Post author

    I don’t know why you should use TiddlyWiki. Maybe you shouldn’t. I put information out here that I consider to be worthwhile so people can be informed and decide for themselves. Not everything will suit everyone.

    TiddlyWiki is a different thing altogether from EverNote so to me that’s interesting in itself. I find it well-suited as a journal, meaning not things to do, or the constant stream of external information that needs a place to be put, but just a quiet place to go have a conversation with me, record dreams and go off on tangents with the use of WikiWords. Either of them can be used any way anyone wants but for me EverNote‘s turned into a work place. TiddlyWiki’s my retreat. 6 of this, 6 of that, not mission critical …

  2. John Post author

    Hi JL,

    I didn’t mean my question as a criticism–just seeking information, which you have provided. Thanks.

  3. JL Post author

    Please don’t misunderstand me either. I think your question was perfectly legitimate for the simple reason that too many note solutions are as bad as having none – there’s notes all over the place but where? Unless the solutions are addressing completely separate areas that one can keep straight.

  4. MW Post author

    I have enjoyed all the info you are providing. I do have a question about TiddlyWiki. Is it something that is viewed by anyone online? Or is it just something that is on my computer for me to use personally and privately?

  5. JL Post author

    Good question. I once wondered the same thing whenever something would open in my browser. Is the entire rest of the world looking at this?

    Here’s the simple answer: TiddlyWiki is an html document and it’s the job of web browsers to read HTML documents, in the same way that it’s Microsoft Word’s job to read .doc files or Wordpad and Notepad to read TXT files. So, no, no-one else is looking at your TiddlyWiki. Not even if your computer is connected to the Internet at the same time. Files can only be read by others if they’re actually uploaded to the Internet which is an entirely different process than simply opening a file on your personal computer.


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