Treadmill Computer Desks

I definitely need a treadmill computer desk.

After a month of steady rain, yesterday the sun was shining. The beginning of Summer. Just in the nick of time according to the calendar. As I was falling asleep last night, I made a plan.

If the sun is shining when I wake up, I wash, dress, eat breakfast and go outside. Outside could mean out in the garden, up the hill to the park, down the hill to a different park, up the hill to the cemetery, downtown shopping. Whatever. Just somewhere outside moving around. I used to be a country-girl, always on the move. Then I got old and turned into a compu-spud.

If it’s cloudy when I wake up, I can still go outside. Or I can stay inside and lift dumbbells or something. Same if it’s raining.

Today when I woke up the sun was shining. Everywhere. Blue sky as far as the eye can see. (Which, in a close mountain range, is not all that far.) So, I washed, dressed, ate breakfast and went outside. Clouds had already rolled in most everywhere. I drove around for awhile chasing patches of sun. I walked around for as long as my bad knee could stand it. I leaned up against my car sucking in the few remaining rays. Then it was raining again.

New plan. When I see the sun shining, immediately run outside and sit down in it. No point driving anywhere. Just sit down. When the sun goes away, come back in the house. Saves on wear and tear.

Not surprising, ‘back in the house’ generally means sitting in front of my computer again. You too, I bet.

Here’s what I need:

Signature Treadmill

Signature Treadmill

Apparently, it’s entirely possible to think and type while walking at 1 MPH. In a day, you can burn 600 calories. In a year, you can lose 57 pounds, (mileage may vary due to a lack of precise medical documentation) without putting the slightest crimp in your genealogy research time. For sure, it’ll be better for our bones. If you hook some sun lamps up above your head you’ve pretty well got the bases covered.

TrekDesk Treadmill Desk

TrekDesk Treadmill Desk

2 thoughts on “Treadmill Computer Desks

  1. Regina

    OK that is just plain awesome!
    Let’s see, I’ll need a space to put the treadmill and desk. (Maybe just take out the kitchen table, it’s covered with my genealogy stuff anyway.) Now if I only had the $2,000 to buy the treadmill and desk. Maybe I can write it off as a medical expense?? After all, I’m sure I’d be healthier….
    Oh well, so much for wishful thinking!

    1. JL Post author

      No, no … you just have to get creative and build your own (table, that is). So, you’re only springing for the cost of the treadmill. You might even have an old one in your basement.


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