Update Notifier: Software Update Utility

Update NotifierFor me this is a dream come true. Update Notifier.

I keep a folder of all my software installers; in case I have to reinstall my OS without warning everything’s ready to go.  Sometimes I share installers with others through Dropbox so that’s another reason. Keeping the installers up-to-date is a chore, so much so that I have it as a scheduled task on my calendar.

Every couple of months I go through the several sub-folders and long lists to see if there’s been any updates. It takes me all day and I usually get bored with it long before I’m finished. Update Notifier does this whole process in seconds. Once the application is installed on your computer it will do a scan of your system and present you with a window similar to this.

Update Notifier

Anything with a green down arrow has an update. When you click on one you’re taken to CleanSofts.org where you can download the updated version of the software.  First you’ll be presented with a window that gives you a description of it.
Update Notifier

When you click on the Filename, it will take you to another window for your download.

Update Notifier

First pass through on my computer it picked up 58 applications installed, 26 updates offered. You don’t have to update, only if you want to. You can set how often you want it to check for updates. You can also tell it to ignore software that you never update.

It won’t pick up every single application on your computer, only if it’s amongst their listing of over 60,000. For instance, Legacy didn’t show up. But it’s pretty darn impressive.

Hours of tedium reduced to utter simplicity.

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  1. JL Post author

    P.S. Update Notifier also has a direct link to each software’s homepage. It’s a good idea to see ‘what’s new’ before installing. Sometimes your favorite free software can turn into free-with-annoyances. The new Copernic 3 being a case in point.


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