War on the Inbox (Still)

I’m still losing the Battle of the Inbox but not without more plans for how to win. Reminds me of that wasp on my side mirror. Who, by the way, came whizzing past my head the other day and it’s seriously winter here. Do they never sleep?

OK, here’s what it’s come down to. I’ve split my Inbox into 3 sub-folders and endless numbers of sub-sub folders. Not that I have to but it affords me the luxury of opening one at a time and not having to scroll way down the page.

Thunderbird InboxOf course, I can’t show you the contents of the 3 folders because then I’d be completely naked before you. But, suffice to say, if you send me email you get your very own sub-sub-folder according to your name. As soon as any mail arrives it goes into a folder. If it passes the first test of not being sent directly to Junk. (You know who you are, my hoards of vermin.)

On my calendar I have the three folders on a daily rotation from now until March 31, 2012 because that should be long enough to establish the habit. Or kill me.

If you think you’re at an advantage for my ever-diminishing time and energy because your name starts with an “A” you’d be wrong. Today was A-F Day; tomorrow is G-R Day. Since it’s suppertime and I’ve already slogged through my hour of email time for today, if you happen to be Acme Whatever Inc. you’re out of luck until at least this Sunday and maybe even longer because I might pick someone else out of the A-F folder next time around. It depends on my mood. He who sends the most email will likely lose favor the fastest.

Your ever-welcome comments automatically go to the top of the list. What have you done to become friends with your Inbox?

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