Windows 7: Remove Libraries

by JL Beeken on 11-18-2012

This will demonstrate how to remove libraries from Windows 7.

Default libraries


w7-libraries-default-librariesThese are the default libraries in Windows 7; Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos.

The folders under each are linked from their original locations. If you delete the libraries the folders will also be deleted. DO NOT do this! They have to be removed instead.

Removing content


Right-click on My Documents which is contained in the Documents Library and choose Remove location from library.

Repeat this step for each folder in each library that you want removed. Each library MUST be empty of content before you delete the library.

After you delete content


This is what the Documents Library looks like when it’s empty of content.

Prepare to delete libraries


To delete all libraries, first click through each one and make sure all content has been removed

Delete libraries


When all content has been removed, right-click on a library and click Delete. Repeat for the others you want deleted.

You can’t delete the folder called Libraries but it will be the only one left.

The default Libraries may recreate themselves periodically. To remove them, follow these instructions again.

Restore libraries


You can restore the default libraries by right-clicking on Libraries and choosing Restore default libraries.

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