Windows 7 Software Problems

Windows 7I’ve had my new computer and Windows 7 for about a month now. I’ve run into some software problems that other more-experienced users might be able to enlighten me about.

The main one I’ve noticed is a problem with activating or registering 3rd party software. Most notably, PDF Plus from Docucom and Adobe Photoshop Elements.

I’ve tried turning off my anti-virus and firewall and that didn’t help.

In the case of PDF Plus, they say the grayed-out activation button would mean that I’m in Terminal Server, Citrix, or Remote Desktop environment. I don’t know what any of that means. Is there something going on with Windows 7 where that type of thing is ON by default? The only solution DocuCom is offering is for me to pay $61 USD to upgrade to a different program.

In the case of Adobe Photoshop Elements, no matter how many times I register and it says ‘Thank-you’ back, it keeps giving me the same annoying pop-up screen asking me to do it again.

Also, my internet connection takes about 15 minutes every time I turn my computer on. It’s nice that the system boots up in 30 seconds but waiting 15 minutes to use Skype, my only telephone service these days, makes it an incredible PITA.

Does any of this ring a bell for anyone who could tell me what’s hanging things up and what I might tweak or uninstall?

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    1. JL Post author

      PDF Driver is not the program, but it’s interesting anyway, because I believe it may be part of the larger program they wanted me to upgrade to. The one I’m trying to activate has been obsolete for a year or two but I had it activated on my laptop through this September and October without a problem. PDF Plus has had activation problems since the beginning of time. I was just reading back through the support email I collected.

      I remembered about Adobe Elements, though. I was using it the other day to import my scanner and scan about 30 pages and it worked fine. It does act strange in some ways but I haven’t written if off yet as ‘incompatible’.

    1. JL Post author

      OK, there’s a clue. Thank-you. Version 5, and I would have been fine staying with version 3. This is getting to be an expensive upgrade. Good thing I didn’t have to pay for the computer again. Considering what I use Elements for these days, i.e. practically nothing, I think I’ll move on elsewhere until I’m desperate.

      The PDF Plus thing is really getting on my nerves. Know any good pdf editors? Not the ones with most everything blocked out as “Pro Only”. Right now, this hour, I’ve been using PDFTK Builder Portable to split PDFs apart to extract pages. It’s different but it works.

    1. JL Post author

      Lester, you win the Genius of The Day award! I now have a working PDF editor. Thank-you SO much.


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