Zotero: Collecting & Managing Your Research Sources

ZoteroI don’t know how I missed Zotero. Don’t get around enough I guess.

I said I wouldn’t harp on about Firefox anymore but I just hafta. As if there aren’t already enough reasons for switching browsers, here’s one more and this is the King of them all. You can’t possibly, as a self-respecting genealogist, not want to use Zotero. It’s impossible.

Zotero is a Mozilla extension for creating a library of your online research and source citations, to be used online or offline.

It’s a genealogist’s dream-machine.  Go watch the video tour and video demo.  Watch them both.  It’ll only take a few minutes.  Then come back and write me a thank-you (just kidding) and then Get Firefox (not kidding).

To use Zotero you will have to be using at least Firefox 2 (or Netscape or Flock).  It will not work in Internet Explorer. After you have your Mozilla browser and Zotero installed, go back and watch the 14 other Zotero video tutorials.

2 thoughts on “Zotero: Collecting & Managing Your Research Sources

  1. Jasia Post author

    Boy I wish I shared your enthusiasm for Firefox but it’s nothing but a headache for me as a designer. I can design a page and preview it in IE 7.x and it looks great first time, every time. But when I preview in Firefox it’s a disaster that requires reworking and reworking and reworking.

    As a user, I prefer Firefox. It’s my browser of choice. But as a web site designer, I HATE IT!

    (Can you tell I have mixed feelings? 😉

    1. JL Post author

      Well, you know, as my readers have heard, ad nauseam, my design headaches have been the other way around. Everything looks fine in Firefox, a train-wreck in IE. Some of that has been my fault, but not all of it. Something that takes 8 line spaces in Firefox will take 13 in IE and throw a whole page out of whack. I’d like to blow it up with dynamite!

      Perhaps you refer to design CSS-style which I’ve seen over at Creative Gene having visited once or twice. I was thinking of going that way if I ever have time. Now having heard from you, perhaps not.

      Anyway, don’t let all this put you off Zotero. Just get Firefox and do it.


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